Vision - Inclusion, Inspiration, Innovation

The vision statement of Kirori Mal College is “Inclusion, Inspiration, Innovation” and its motto is “वयं विश्वे जागृयाम” (Vayam Vishwe Jaagriyaam), i.e., we must keep the world alive and awakened. This is realized through following goals and initiatives:

  1. Instill the ethos of national pride and selfless service with the motto: ‘Not Me But You’ through National Cadet Corps (NCC) and National Social Service (NSS-KMC) Units.
  2. Affordable and quality education to all, accomplished through the Fee Waiver Committee for students under stressed circumstances and The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) holding training and development programs for the faculty.
  3. To foster composite culture of coexistence for students through cultural societies such as The Players (theatre), MUSOC (music), FAPS (fine arts and photography) Montage (film), Sensation (dance) and Spic Macay.
  4. To train young minds to develop critical thinking to realize their intellectual potential, equip them with the latest technological and learning resources, and prepare them to excel within a rapidly evolving digital world.
  5. To ensure affirmative action in favour of the underprivileged social groups both in students’ intake and teachers’ recruitment through Liaison officers for the SC/ST, OBC and EWS community and the Nodal Officers for students from North-East States, Persons with Disability (PWD) category and Public Grievances. Internal Complaints Committee (ICC), Equal Opportunity Cell (EOC), and the Women’s Development Cell (WDC) ensure a just and fair place of work for all.
  6. To encourage all round development of students through excellence in sports at National and International Level.